Letter to the editor 1, October 1, 2015

Dear Editor,

Greenwood’s annual fall fundraiser, Treasures in the Attic, took place Saturday, September 19. It was a beautiful day, and a great many people contributed to its success. Thanks to the Hudson Legion who allowed us the use of their kitchen to make 51 mile-high apple pies- all of which sold before noon- and to June Kendall and her team which baked them!

Thanks also to the students at Westwood Junior High School, who worked in the tea room with volunteer Barb Gibb and her team. Thanks to our expert appraisers, Victor Isganaitis, Kevin Colgan, Maureen Decelles and her husband Norm, and Jennifer Millen, who devoted their entire day to us- and for Audrey Gray, who once again organized this portion of the day. Julia and Rich Curry spent countless hours organizing our Vintage Sale, cleaning and mending items that were donated to Greenwood, and packing and transporting everything to and from St. James’ Hall.

We owe them a huge thank you for their amazing work. And thanks to Liz Villeneuve and her team for our lunches. We had so many other volunteers on hand throughout the day, including our antique car owners, our parking team, our greeters and sellers and our Greenwood Board members- and to them, a round of applause!

We are so fortunate to have this kind of support in our community for Greenwood and its many activities.

Audrey Wall


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