• Carmen Marie Fabio

Hudson drunk-driver case postponed to December


Crown Prosecutor Catherine Sheitoyan said an additional charge of possession of cannabis will be added to the 10 charges already faced by Hudson resident Jordan Taylor stemming from a June 17 accident that severely injured jogger Tina Lyon-Adam.

The court appearance for Hudson resident Jordan Taylor, accused in the June 17 hit and run incident on Cambridge Street that left 21-year-old jogger Tina Lyon-Adam still recovering from multiple injuries, has been remanded to December 14.

“There is some additional evidence that has been disclosed today,” said Crown Prosecutor Catherine Sheitoyan at the Valleyfield Courthouse September 23. “The investigation is still going on so other witnesses have been met.” Sheitoyan said the additional evidence presented includes possession of an undisclosed amount of cannabis that was found on Taylor the night of the accident. Lyon had been out running with her friend Alique Langlois when they were struck by a car driven by 23-year-old Taylor. He was charged with 10 counts at the courthouse on June 15 – five for each victim - including impaired driving causing bodily harm, having a blood alcohol level exceeding the legal limit, dangerous driving causing bodily harm, and criminal negligence.

“December 14 is a pro forma appearance to fix a date for the preliminary inquiry,” said Sheitoyan.

Defense lawyer Philip Schneider declined to comment, saying he needs further time to examine the evidence.

“It’s very said,” said Mayor Ed Prévost. “We’ve certainly done as much as we could to make the residents of Cambridge feel secure.” Prévost said speedbumps and pylons that serve to narrow the road to curtail speeding had been installed in the Hudson’s Valleys neighbourhood following the accident.

Taylor was not present at the courthouse September 23.