Letter to the editor 4, Sept. 17, 2015

Dear Editor,

To quote James Parry's column, I am, "… a parent of a youngster aged from 5 to 17," although not a scouting parent, I am disappointed and feel your cover headline is totally inappropriate to be linked with this group photo and the collection of ragweed. (Your Local Journal, September 10).

I think you owe them and your community an apology.

In my opinion, there is enough "availability" and not enough teaching and policing in the community or in our schools on the issue of marijuana or "weed" as it is commonly known, without it standing out on the front page of our community newspaper!

Just tell it like it is and help us parents teach our "youngsters," and inform us of the good deed this group did collecting the ragweed.

I would like my name withheld to protect my own "youngsters" from any community backlash!

Name withheld at writer’s request


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