Letter to the editor 3, Sept. 10, 2015

Dear Editor,

I am surprised that the issue has not come up before with city council, as to having some kind of noise restrictions, at least Sundays (Your Local Journal, September 3). As Mayor Grimaudo has said, the population of St. Lazare has burgeoned over the last few years. With this, so have lawns, with many people opting for paid workers. During the week they drive their lawn mowing tractors on what seem to be jet engines. The vast majority have ear protection. When I am walking the dog,

I seem never to have any close at hand. Strange. For those who still prefer their own lawn maintenance, mostly anything goes. We all have seven days in the week and 24 hours in which to do everything. There is a time and a place for everything. I was quite shocked to find the ‘noise,’ any noise, can start at 7 a.m. Wow. I moved out to St. Lazare to enjoy the tranquility. What’s going on? I realize we all have hectic lives. I worked midnight to 8 a.m. for more than a decade.

Then 4 p.m. to midnight. I would never have dreamt of disturbing my neighbours. I got my stuff done without ever being disrespectful towards others. I realize respect, politeness, and decency is sometimes in the eye of the neighbour. For whatever reasons, humans find it hard not to do whatever they want, when they want, and how they want it.

There are people who live close enough to me that when they use their leaf blowers it sounds almost like an airplane during takeoff. With our lovely weather, it has been nice to eat outside for many Sunday BBQs. Lately, not so much. Some people find that is the perfect time, when everybody is outside relaxing, to instead fire up their motors.

Most people self-regulate, but the reason we have rules, regulations, and laws are because some people just function better when there are guidelines. So please Mr. Mayor, and our esteemed city councillors, make a time frame acceptable to all.

A grateful citizen,

Elianna Beckman,

St. Lazare

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