Letter to the editor 2, Aug. 27, 2015

Open letter

Dear Toyota Owner – Are you missing a small piece from the front of your black Toyota?

It’s the piece that you lost when you hit and killed our family’s pet purebred King Charles spaniel, Comet, about 11 a.m., Friday, August 21, as you were speeding up Bédard Ave. directly in front of Forest Hill Senior School.

Not only were you driving fast in a school zone, but you couldn’t even stop to see what you hit, driving on without stopping, speeding on past the school and nearby daycare. There is no way that you could have not realized you hit a poor, defenseless little animal. The bang alone was horrendous. Other cars stopped (and we appreciate their offers to help).

It’s true that little Comet shouldn’t have left his treat and run out the door before he could be caught. But if you had been driving at a normal speed, you probably could have stopped without hitting him. Or the least you could have done was stopped to see what you hit. This was a pure Hit-and-Run.

It’s true that our family is truly sad at the loss of the family pet. BUT what concerns us even more is that in another week, children will be attending school, walking to bus stops, and being dropped off by parents. If this had been a week later, it could have been a child. Would you have then blithely sped on? Do you even know what a school zone is?

We doubt that you will ever come to claim the small missing front piece from your Toyota, although it’s certainly here if you are not too ashamed to claim it.

And we hope that you will lay awake for many nights haunted by your killing of an innocent little dog and realizing the sadness of its owners.

By the way, we do want to hugely thank Cynthia Morin from Shadow Coiffure et Esthétique at 2239 ch. St-Angelique, who also saw the accident and took Comet to the vet with us and comforted us in our shock and loss, as well as the other kind unknown people who stopped to see if they could help.

It’s too bad that you, black Toyota driver, do not have the compassion that these people do!

The Chiasson family


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