• James Armstrong

Retaining wall repair on Quarry Point Road draws flood of complaints


Unauthorized work along the shoreline at a home being built on the shore of the Lake of Two Mountains prompts a work stoppage order.

Reports of a large backhoe stationed in the water on the shore of Lake of Two Mountains at the edge of the property at 35 Quarry Point Road drew the attention of Town of Hudson Municipal Inspector Étienne Lavoie and Municipalité Régionale de Comté de Vaudreuil-Soulanges (MRC-VS) representative Samuel Pépin on Wednesday, August 19.

“They were basically working in the lake,” said Lavoie in an interview Wednesday morning. When asked about the repercussions for that activity, Lavoie replied the short-term requirement is to return the shoreline in question to the state it was before the work began. “Right now, the work in the water is stopped,” said Lavoie adding, “They have authorization to continue repair work on the wall.” The wall in question is a pre-existing retaining wall that needed to be fixed and the owner has the proper authorization to make those repairs according to Lavoie. However, he said the conditions of the permit for the work had not been followed.

As of Wednesday morning, August 19, neither Lavoie nor Pépin were able to confirm who had made the decision to make changes to do work that was beyond the scope of the permit. “We don’t know who decided to do this,” said Lavoie, “but for sure this is not what was authorized.”

According to Pépin, the MRC-VS is concerned with what took place in the water. They will be following the situation with the entrepreneur and the owner to be sure the situation is rectified and does not happen again.

“A work stoppage order has been issued by the MRC–VS”, said Hudson interim Director General Duncan Campbell when contacted later in the day. Campbell also confirmed that a tree had been removed from the property without a permit and a ticket was issued for the infraction. “We will continue to monitor the situation,” he added.

MRC-VS representative Simon Richard supplied some details of the work stoppage order. “The work that was done went beyond the authorization of the original permit,” said Richard. He explained the situation also involved the Ministère du Développement durable, Environnement et Lutte contre les changements climatiques Québec because the unauthorized work involved the lakebed. According to Richard, the MRC and the province will look at lifting the work order stoppage once the affected area is returned to its former state.