Letter to the editor 4, August 20, 2015

Dear Editor,

Thank you for your great article (Hudson road woes, Your Local Journal, August 13, 2015). I must say I take great exception to the claims by Mayor Ed Prévost and Duncan Campbell, the current Director General about drywall and construction debris being put in this area. It is evident that neither Mr. Prévost nor Mr. Campbell have ever seen any drywall or renovation debris in this area let alone walked in these woods. The residents always took good care of this area and would never permit anyone to dump "GARBAGE".

Mayor Prévost’s and Mr. Campbell's comments imply that this is what the residents of Seigneurie Street must be doing. The claim that the town's public security patrol has found this debris in the woods is a blatant fabrication, since the woods in this area are extremely difficult to access because of swamp, a twenty foot drop into a ravine and thick underbrush. I doubt our security patrol got out of their vehicle, let alone went into the woods.

As far as the cost goes, I assume that even though the town had these blocks in their inventory, the blocks and the stainless steel cable (not chain as quoted) had to cost the town money since they definitely were not a "donation." I also believe that our town employees do not work on a volunteer basis and that our town vehicles run on fuel and not on air. All of this combined equals expense.

This shows that this administration dismisses our concerns and chooses to act blatantly and aggressively while implying that our street has been a garbage dump and issuing statements that are devoid of any truth or fact. I challenge anyone to show us the debris they claim is in the area that has been "blocked" by this eyesore and abomination.

Name withheld at writer’s request


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