• Richard Rothschild

Letter to the editor 2, August 20, 2015

Dear Editor,

Contrast this quote in YLJ, “The economy and the environment...are so intertwined that it’s dangerous to have that train of thought…” (that they are separate issues), with (on the same topic) “Additional policies are needed to stem world-scale human, societal and ecological catastrophes. ... Just a bit more of business as usual won’t turn it around.” The second, with examples, is mine in Your Local Journal of August 13 and the first is Peter Schiefke’s in the same issue.

In preparation for December’s Paris climate change conference, the G7 has come out strongly with these intentions:

  • Decarbonize the global economy over the course of this century;

  • Sign a binding agreement with legal force;

  • Strive to transform the energy sector by 2050;

  • Aim to cut carbon emissions by up to 70% (from 2010 levels) by 2050;

  • Develop a plan to mobilize $100 billion per year in climate finance for developing countries;

  • Provide four times more insurance and protection to 400 million people most vulnerable.

Harper’s Canada has been opposed to this as in international meetings leading up to December.

Liberals, New Democrats, what about you?

Richard Rothschild


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