• John Jantak

New ventilation system should eliminate Pincourt sewage filtration plant odours

The Town of Pincourt adopted a resolution at the Tuesday evening council meeting August 11 to install a new turbine at its sewage filtration plant that should finally eliminate all the foul odours that have been coming from the plant.

Mayor Yvan Cardinal told residents at the meeting that the town has been working diligently to find a permanent solution to the problem and is confident the new turbine system will finally eliminate the problem permanently and bring relief to area residents.

Residents who live near the sewage filtration facility have repeatedly complained to the town which is located on Boulevard Cardinal-Léger have complained for at least the past three years about strong, foul odours emanating from the plant that have kept some residents indoors at times especially during the summer.

Town Manager Michel Perrier said the odour problem hasn’t been as acute this summer because of the cooler temperatures and is also optimistic the problem will be solved permanently after the new turbine is installed.

“It will actually push the outgoing air higher into the atmosphere,” Perrier told Your Local Journal. “All the molecules that are currently falling back to ground level and creating that smell will be dispersed at a higher altitude. The turbine order has already been placed and it should be installed by the fall.”

Perrier said the turbine the turbine and installation will cost $120,000 and is a better alternative to another proposed solution which was to build a tall chimney to disperse the odours. “With a chimney, it would have been a very high structure, the cost would have been tremendous and it would have been an eyesore,” said Perrier.

Canadian Tire lawsuit

Mayor Cardinal also announced the town will withdraw a defamation lawsuit against Canadian Tire that negatively depicted the state of its roads in a television advertisement as being full of potholes that damage vehicles, after an agreement was reached with the retail chain to provide some sort of restitution.

The ad which was broadcast on French television stations throughout the province began with a banner at the bottom of the screen showing Pincourt, Quebec. It accurately featured a shot of Boulevard Cardinal-Léger, but it included a close-up of car wheel driving over a deep water-filled pothole and later being serviced at a Canadian Tire vehicle service centre because of damage.

Perrier said the town took issue with the ad because it has no potholes and maintains its roads properly. In fact, a portion of Forest Avenue is scheduled to be repaved this fall as part of its infrastructure improvement program to keep the road network in good shape.

“We’ve had discussions with Canadian Tire since February to the effect that we weren’t in agreement with the advertisement even though the company stated they the ad was meant to be humourous,” said Perrier. “We told them it didn’t accurately reflect the state of our roads.”

Perrier was unable to reveal details about the agreement, but said a joint statement will eventually be issued by the town and Canadian Tire.

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