• Carmen Marie Fabio

Hudson road woes

PHOTO BY CARMEN MARIE FABIO A Hudson resident living on rue de la Seigneurie is protesting the newly erected barrier the town recently put in place.

A Hudsonite living on rue de la Seigneurie is upset that a barricade has been placed at a spot that leads into a wooded area, saying it’s both offensive and an eyesore in a neighbourhood where the residents pride themselves on their properties.

The homeowner, who asked not to be identified for this story, told Your Local Journal that residents regularly venture into the heavily wooded area to place their grass clippings, leaves, twigs, and compostable material.

“That and other things, so I understand,” said Mayor Ed Prévost of the home renovation and construction debris, including drywall, reportedly found in the woods by the town’s Public Security patrol.

“Duncan (Campbell) spoke to me about it and he decided to have Public Security put up a barrier to try to dissuade people from dumping all of their garbage there,” said Prévost following a discussion with the interim Director General.

The barricade, consisting of a chain anchored by two concrete blocks accompanied by a sign warning of a $200 fine for those caught littering, was put in place July 21. Though the resident estimated the cost of the barricade in the thousands of dollars, the mayor said no cost was involved as the town already had the concrete blocks in its possession.

Yacht Club Road

Another resident has taken umbrage with the Town of Hudson over roadside property issues – this time on Yacht Club Road – following the town’s request that he remove triangular concrete blocks from the border of the grass in front of his house and the road. Resident Paul Germain said he installed the blocks to discourage motorists who regularly drive onto his property to turn around on the dead-end street resulting in reported damages for which he says he’s out of pocket.

According to the town’s By-law 526, “The space between the boundary of your property and the road pavement is designated as a municipal right of way. The maintenance and good order of this municipal space are the responsibility of the frontage resident. It is also prohibited for security reasons to place objects such as rocks, branches, etc. on this municipal right of way.”

The issue has been raised by other Hudsonites recently as Wilkinson Street residents Roy Elliott was served the same notice of infraction last June 18, asking him to remove rocks from the grass alongside his house or risk fines ranging from $100 to $4000.Mayor Prévost said the by-law is clear and will not be changed despite some residents’ protests, and reiterated that the current administration will continue to enforce the local by-laws

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