• Carmen Marie Fabio

Residents say ‘No to condos’ in NDIP


NDIP Mayor Danie Deschênes said she and council have heard the feedback loud and clear from residents living near 53rd Avenue and Boulevard Perrot who don’t want to see condominiums built in the neighbourhood.

A small proliferation of homemade signs have popped up near the intersection of 53rd Avenue and Boulevard Perrot in Notre Dame de l’Île Perrot (NDIP) all with a simple message indicating condos are not welcome in the neighbourhood.

“We had a request from a promoter who wanted to build condos instead of houses,” said NDIP Mayor Danie Deschênes. “We wanted to make sure the residents were comfortable with that before we change any (zoning) usage so we sent a letter to the citizens in the area asking if they would agree to have condos built. Clearly, the answer is ‘no’.

”The area facing 53rd Avenue is currently a wooded lot but is zoned for development of single family homes. Approximately 30 area residents were notified by mail in early June of the developer’s request. Though condominium development could potentially bring in more in terms of tax revenue for the city, Deschênes said, “This is not the culture of Notre Dame.”

While the town, like most similarly-sized towns, needs funds to function and offer services, Deschênes said condo development was not something the town absolutely needs. Deschênes said the response has been heard loud and clear and rather than impose council’s decisions on the residents, the existing council would respect what the residents are comfortable with.

“Next week we’ll be sitting at council and will take a decision but we’re not going to go against the citizen’s wishes.”

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