Letter to the editor 1, July 3, 2015

Dear Editor,

I read James Parry’s The English Gardener column in the June 18 issue of Your Local Journal, and thought I had to drop you a couple of lines, and maybe it would be helpful.

I live in Hudson, so I guess that makes me a fellow gardener to some extent, and I also happen to know a few things about insurance. Although, you are right, there is no insurance product that covers gardeners specifically, and, generally, in Canada, we are more limited in the product choices and coverage options than our neighbours south of the border, but there are several products that cover injuries in general, regardless of how and where they were sustained.

1. Disability Insurance (something that many have at their jobs as a part of the group package, but one can also get a private one). Whereas it does not specify the illness or injury, it pays a benefit when one is not able to work, regardless if that illness or injury is job-related or not. The problem is that the coverage ends at 65 (retirement age), but can be useful for younger gardeners.

2. Certain “covered illnesses” from the Critical Illness insurance (such as loss of limbs, severe burns, or loss of independent existence) maybe relevant for fellow gardeners. The problem is that if one didn’t buy this type of insurance before age 50 it maybe a little pricey.

3. Long Term Care insurance covers the situations when one cannot perform two activities of the daily living (ex. dressing, bathing, transferring etc.) without help, whether temporarily or permanently. Unlike disability insurance it has nothing to do with the “working age” and can cover fellow-gardeners of all ages. Of course, neither of them will cover minor cuts and bumps, but can be very relevant in more serious cases.

Michael Djalalyan


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