• James Parry

A whole new twist on Moving Day in Hudson

PHOTO BY TANIA ELLERBECK Up, up, and almost away, the home of Janet and George Ellerbeck is on a short but cautious journey to its new foundation location.

Moving to a new residence is always a headache. Particularly in the province of Quebec where - because of an antiquated rental system that starts and ends leases on July 1 adding a whole new level of fun to Canada Day.

But when you literally move your house, well, that is truly a herculean headache and certainly one for the record books. As is the case right now in Hudson where Janet and George Ellerbeck have had their historic home overlooking the Lake of Two Mountains on Main Road literally up in the air for the past week or so awaiting ‘delivery’ across the lawn to another site some 70 meters away where its new basement foundations and larger footprint to accommodate a new kitchen await.

Built by a certain Colonel Johnston, a wool merchant from Scotland, around 1890 as a summer cottage on the 150- acre site that stretches all the way back to Harwood and known as Hamilton Lodge, it was acquired by the Ellerbecks 11 years ago, and has seen major renovations, including a new roof, since then.

Says Janet, “Over the past 42 years, I have probably sold over 1,000 homes, some of them more than once. But never have I had a client ask me to move it from one location to another. But our house needed extensive work at ground level, which meant that we had to have it raised if we were to save it.

And as we really needed a basement, and were looking to enlarge it, we thought, ‘Why not just move it?’” The actual move itself is being carried out by Bisson Inc. and the Ellerbecks are expecting to move in by September.

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