Letter to the editor 4, June 26, 2015

Dear Editor,

Many people have negative occasions to interact with our law enforcement officials. Today I had a great encounter with Carolane Ménard on duty in Pincourt for the Sûreté du Québec. Enjoying the sunny day in my classic MG-B, my long-suffering favourite baseball cap flew off while I was crossing the bridge into Dorion. I did come back around and saw the cap lying beside the concrete dividing wall.

Weighing my options to risk exposure, I asked the officer if she would follow me with flashers on to retrieve my cap. She said that may be dangerous also. I assumed that she would tell me to say bye-bye to the cap, but with little traffic going by, she offered to go and retrieve it for me, and shortly returned with my old friend. With a great smile, Carolane handed over the cap now sporting a few new battle scars. I offered to buy her an ice cream, but she is not allowed to accept.

Carolane, I sure hope that this great gesture was the most difficult part of your day.


Bill Smyth,


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