Letter to the editor 3, June 26, 2015

Open letter to Marlene Jennings, School Board Election System Study Panel Head

Dear Ms. Jennings,

The following statement issued by the ‘Election System Study Panel’ and posted on some school board websites is not only disrespectful to Education Minister Francois Blais but is, quite frankly, disingenuous and misleading in its message. “As you know, the Minister of Education François Blais has announced a tight timeline that gives us only July and August to consult parents and the community at large across Québec.” Source: Marlene Jennings on behalf of Elections System Study Panel.

The issue of abolishing school board elections has been on the table for a considerable length of time as has the education ministers’ request to obtain public feedback and suggestions. As a matter of fact, news agencies have done polls on abolishing school board elections over the past few months already. All indicating that the Anglo community is in favour of abolishing school board elections if indeed not school boards themselves. For example, a poll initiated by CTV Montreal indicates that 64% of respondents favoured the ending of school board elections.

A previous poll done a month earlier had the same result with 66%. Obviously this random poll indicates that the Anglophone Community is solidified in its views in abolishing school board elections similar as to the views expressed by the Québec Francophone population. It was the legal pursuit rhetoric “going to the Supreme Court” etc.

Initially indicated by the QESBA and its various “partners” which was responsible for delaying the consultation process and not the Education Ministers’ actions. We expect that this misleading statement will be corrected to reflect the real situation that created this panels’ consultation timeline.

Thanking you in advance for your correction of the statement,

On behalf of www.acdsa.org,

Yours Sincerely,

Luc Horne


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