• Carmen Marie Fabio

Hudson resident charged with 10 counts following June 12 accident released on bail


Crown prosecutor Catherine Sheitoyan had opposed Jordan Taylor’s release but the motion was overturned by Judge Michel Mercier.

Jordan Xavier Taylor was released on $10,000 bail June 17 following the June 12 accident on Cambridge Street in Hudson that left 21-year-old Tina Lyon Adams in critical condition in hospital and her friend Alique Langlois with minor injuries.

On Monday, June 15, 23-year Taylor appeared at the Valleyfield Courthouse where he was charged with 10 counts – five for each victim - of impaired driving, impaired driving causing bodily harm, having a blood alcohol level exceeding the legal limit, dangerous driving causing bodily harm, and criminal negligence. He was held in custody until June 17.

“He’s been released on the condition he doesn’t drive, doesn’t consume alcohol, live at his address and get permission from the court if he wants to change address, and not communicate with a list of witnesses except to prepare for his defense in the presence of his lawyer,” said Taylor’s lawyer Philip Schneider. Crown prosecutor Catherine Sheitoyan had continued to oppose bail citing the severity of the charges. “Judge Michel Mercier rendered his decision on the bench without leaving to deliberate,” said Schneider.

“This was a bail hearing and (Taylor) gets released according to the principles that exist on bail in Canada.” Schneider would not comment on Taylor’s emotional state and said his mother was with him in court and had testified at the bail hearing. Lyon Adams had been out running with Langlois around 7:15 on a rainy Friday evening last week when the accident occurred.

The pair was struck by Taylor’s vehicle and there was also damage caused to a Hydro Quebec pole and a fi re hydrant. Reached June 16, Sûreté du Québec (SQ) spokesperson Sgt. Ingrid Asselin said Lyon Adams remains in stable but critical condition in hospital. Taylor had reportedly been at a nearby fundraising event at the Falcon Golf Club before the accident.

Hudson’s Valleys neighbourhood residents, still in shock following the accident, have begun erecting signs along Cambridge Street reminding residents to slow down.

“We felt that we needed to take action for ourselves because of the situation with the speeding,” said resident Carol Faubert who, along with neighbours Lynn Thearle-Fironi and Carlo Fironi, began installing the signs June 17.

“Even as we were putting the signs up, I saw a black Porsche with red piping go through the stop sign.” Faubert said those who witnessed it yelled at the driver to slow down but to no avail. Taylor’s next court appearance will take place September 23 at the Valleyfield Courthouse.

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