• James Parry

Hudson wins rave review for Arts Alive! Québec Festival showcasing local arts and culture


Hudson Village Th eatre’s Kalina Skulska, Mayor Ed Prévost, Heather Markgraf, Lorne Elliott, Nicole Durand and Carol Outram launch the town’s participation in Arts Alive! Québec outside Hudson Village Theatre on Friday evening, June 5.

With Hudson kicking off a summer long arts and cultural festival in six communities throughout the province under the banner of Arts Alive! Québec this past weekend, the town has come in for a rave review from the organizing body, The English Language Arts Network (ELAN).

Said Guy Rodgers, ELAN’s executive director, in an exclusive interview with Your Local Journal, “One of the most gratifying aspects of the festival in Hudson was seeing how many organizations worked together, almost exclusively on a volunteer basis, to plan and program so many exciting activities.

“ELAN was able to share part of its project funding with several Hudson groups, but all of the vision and energy came from the Hudson community. It was a tremendous example of cultural organizations working together for the greater good.” He added that the presence of Mayor Ed Prévost and several town councillors at the Montreal press conference in May signalled that the town was going to fully support Arts Alive! Québec, ensuring maximum collaboration and visibility.

Said Rodgers, “ELAN had been aware of the Hudson Village Theatre, the Hudson Players Club, and the Greenwood Centre’s literary and historical activities, but we were pleasantly astonished by a wealth of other artistic organizations presenting music, visual arts and even fi lm. It quickly became obvious that the Hudson edition of Arts Alive! Québec was going to be a mega-event, which could not have been more appropriate for the town’s 150th birthday celebrations.”

ELAN, he added, was delighted that Hudson kicked off the series with a four-day event presenting everything from kids’ shows at the Greenwood Centre, a new filmmakers contest, and visual arts in Jack Layton Park and at the Community Center, to high-quality performances of theatre and music at the Hudson Village Theatre, as well as music performed on balconies along Main Road and impromptu recitals on the public piano.

Said Rodgers, “The entire town was buzzing. Everyone involved in Arts Alive! Québec wants to do it again next year. The community value of local artists and dynamic arts and culture organisations was on display for all to see. Hudson should consider itself blessed to be home to so many talented, creative, and generous citizens. ELAN was proud to be involved.”