• James Parry

Dare to go on a Blind Date for a cheeky and charming afternoon or evening?


Mimi and her ‘date’ for the night at a recent on stage improv performance before coming to Hudson.

It has been said that there’s nothing like the thrill of a first date. Anything can happen. And it surely will when the smash-hit, Blind Date, comes to Hudson Village Theatre June 16 through 28 when Mimi goes on a blind date with a different man, plucked right out of the audience, every night!

This fast and funny fusion of improvisation, theatre, and social experiment - launching HVT’s 23rd season - has men and women falling under the spell of Mimi’s charming allure and celebrating her audience-member turned- romantic-hero night after night. First created by master improviser Rebecca Northman in 2010 and originally commissioned as a brief piece at the Spiegelshow at the Harbourfront Theatre in Toronto, Blind Date has since garnered stellar reviews in New York, London (UK), Toronto, and Calgary. Having caught the eye of Broadway producer Kevin McCollum (RENT, Avenue Q) it has toured across Canada, the U.S. and played off - Broadway and in London’s West End. At 350 dates and counting, Mimi is a role that is currently played by four different, extremely talented improvisers. All four of whom trained at the Loose Moose Theatre Company with world renowned improv guru, Keith Johnstone.

Says Northman, “The idea for Blind Date is one that I have a hard time taking full credit for. It actually thunked into my head fully formed when I was put on the spot and asked, ‘What are you going to do in the Spiegel tent next week?’ Who knows where ideas come from? I’m just grateful this one showed up! We’ve met so many wonderful men, and their partners. The whole ride has been a true gift. What started out as a 10-minute turn, blossomed when I asked myself, What if we took the time to really get to know the guy?”

Says Christy Bruce playing HVT’s Mimi, “There is no experience like Blind Date. I’ve spent most of my life improvising, but this play takes it to a whole new level. For me, it’s not just the challenge of improvising with a person I don’t know and who has never done improv before, it’s also about getting to know another human being that well and show the audience how amazing every single person can be.” For reservations, call the Box Office at (450) 458-5361 or go to www.villagetheatre.com.