Letter to the editor 2, May 28, 2016

Electric Cars: Not So Green Anymore

Dear Editor,

Everyone wants to switch to electric cars. They want to be green and do good for the environment. That’s great! But is that really what you are doing? You may not be polluting the air, but what happens to the car batteries is far worse for the environment. First, the batteries are just left in a toxic waste dump. Not all of the batteries get to be recycled.

Second, more fossil fuels must be burned in order to create the extra electricity needed to power the world’s cars. This requires more hydroelectric dams leading to more flooding of cities and natural wildlife. Normal batteries are made of many recyclable materials but it is a bit different for car batteries. They are just starting to develop methods for car batteries to be recycled. Electric car batteries have more harmful materials in them than regular car batteries. Electric cars are not as green as they claim to be. We may not be polluting the air, but poisoning the water, harming the wild life, and creating toxic waste dumps are far worse. We breathe in dusty air all the time, especially in the cities.

Our carbon emission may seem to go down by driving electric cars, but think about this: The higher demand for electricity on a daily basis means we must create more electricity. It does not just come out of thin air. It must be made, and the most common way is by burning fossil fuels. This increase in fossil fuels emitted into the atmosphere can easily make up for the lack of burned oil from cars, resulting in the same levels of pollution or even worse.

Creating new hydroelectric dams to supply this new demand can have catastrophic impacts on our water ways and forest life. If driving green is important to you, I hope you will take into account the big picture. Until batteries can be properly recycled and the issues of flooding and burning fossil fuels are resolved, driving green will never truly be possible.

Laurie Boswick,

Sec 2 student Faith Christian Academy


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