• James Armstrong

Hudson becomes a Fair Trade town


Hudson Town Council commits to being a Fair Trade town as resident India Robbins reads the resolution at the Monday, May 4 meeting.

Hudson council passed a fair trade resolution Monday, May 4, committing the town to develop and promote ethical and sustainable consumption and promote its status as a Fair Trade town. Mayor Ed Prévost invited India Robbins, a member of the Hudson Fair Trade Committee to read the resolution. The resolution stipulates that all coffee, tea, and sugar purchased by the administration will come from Fair Trade sources.

Notice of the resolution was given at the April 2015 council meeting. The resolution was passed unanimously by four council members because two councillors, Deborah Woodhead and Natalie Best, had to recuse themselves because of a conflict of interest due to their involvement in fair trade business in the community. The mayor pointed out that an event marking World Fair Trade Day would take place at Hudson Mews, 422 Main Road Hudson Saturday, May 9, at 1 p.m.

According to sources at the Mews, writer Eric St-Pierre will be giving a lecture on the history of Fair Trade and workshops on African beading and ink block printing are also part of the event. Council also passed a resolution asking the National Energy Board (NEB) to require hydrostatic testing of the Enbridge pipeline 9B before it is used for carrying diluted bitumen eastward through the region to refineries in Montreal.

“We are concerned for the safety of the pipelines in our area, particularly those passing under the Ottawa River,” Prévost stated.

The resolution points out that the pipeline was originally constructed in the mid- 1970s and its malfunction could have a serious environmental impact. The meeting began with an amendment to agenda that awarded a contract to EXP Services Inc. of $10,000 to provide professional services and technical expertise in the evaluation of the various options of the Pine Lake dam project. Concerns were raised during question period that costs with EXP could escalate. The Mayor replied it was unlikely that the current contract would reach the $10,000 limit and that Services EXP Inc. was chosen at the request of the committee overseeing the Pine Lake dam project.

“EXP’s hiring was on the recommendation of the Pine Lake Dam Committee so that a professional body could review the results of the two technical studies and assess whether or not we should proceed with the resurrection and restabilization of the dam,” said committee member and retired engineer Gordon Thompson.

He explained further that one of the two technical and detailed studies requested by the committee and approved by council is a geo-technical study of the soil in and around the underside of the dam and the washout area. The other study is to identify and locate the limits of town-owned property around Pine Lake. In other business, council withdrew the first draft of By-Law 659-2015 concerning zoning modifications in relation to densification requirements and the first draft of the Omnibus By-Law 658-2015 concerning subdivisions of residential lots.

The passing of the resolution drew applause from the audience. The mayor announced that Hudson citizens and businesses would receive new green garbage bins as of June 1. According to Coordinator of Waste Management, Rod Hodgson, a notice regarding the use of the bins will be mailed out to citizens this week and delivery of the bins will begin Monday, May 11. Both Prévost and Hodgson emphasized that garbage left at the curb in containers other than the bins, i.e. bags and boxes, will not be collected.