• Lauren Mitchell

Hudson native Mathieu Holubowski makes it to final four on TVA’s La Voix


Mathieu Holubowski singing the song Silver Leaf and Gold Leaf written specially for him by La Voix coach Pierre Lapointe and singer-songwriter Phillipe B during the live finale of the program.

Mathieu Holubowski is a 26-yearold singer-songwriter who succeeded in winning fourth place on the French singing competition series, La Voix, after beating 11 other contestants in his group. Before Holubowski joined the singing competition, he learned how to play the guitar at the age of 17, with the goal in mind to be able to play Metallica songs. Nowadays he is interested in the genre of folk music, and released his first album titled “Old Man” in July of 2014, which included 13 tracks.

“We are very proud of Mathieu,” said his sister, Melanie Meloche-Holubowski. “Our family didn’t expect this to happen, and especially not to happen so fast. He’s been practising playing and writing songs a lot over the years, and has been doing small shows here and there. He was only used to doing gigs in bars where 10 people would attend, to now be on live television with over two million people watching. It’s a big change.”

Holubowski auditioned for the TVA show, in which judges face the audience, allowing them to judge the contestants solely on their singing capabilities and not their appearances. A judge then presses a button if they like what they hear, and then their chair will be rotated around to reveal the singer. In Holubowski’s case, all four judges pressed the button, signaling that they all enjoyed his rendition of Ray Lamontagne’s song Burn.

As a result of all the judges vying to be his coach, the choice was in his hands. He chose to be a part of award-winning singer Pierre Lapointe’s team, a new judge who replaced outgoing Louis-Jean Cormier for this season. When asked how the show has influenced his life in an interview with La Voix, Holubowski replied, “Obviously, it got me some exposure, but I also learnt a lot from my experience. (We as contestants) tested our capabilities at multiple levels. You have to sing, learn songs, perform, give interviews, take pictures... It’s been six months now that I’ve lived the experience of La Voix, and it feels like I just completed a Masters in show business. It is really a super intense learning process. It brought me great musical wisdom.”

Holubowski was awarded with a song titled ‘Silver leaf and gold leaf’ composed by his La Voix coach Pierre Lapointe and Phillipe B, a francophone singer-songwriter also from Montreal. Lapointe had a few last words to say to his student, “You’ve taught me how to live all sorts of beautiful things. You have a lot of humanity; you are extremely brilliant, you are very curious. I (am confident in) your future.”

To see more photos of the final La Voix event, consult our Facebook page.

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