• John Jantak

Vaudreuil-Dorion to investigate snow removal complaints


Vaudreuil-Dorion Director General Martin Houde said the city would look into snow removal procedures after receiving two complaints from residents during the evening council session on Monday, March 16.

The City of Vaudreuil-Dorion will look into complaints about recent snow clearing operations that resulted in an entrance way being blocked with a two- to three-foot mountain of snow and ice after a front-end loader apparently piled it onto the front lawn of a private residential property located on Rue des Muscaris in District 3. The issued was raised during the Monday evening question period on March 16 after a resident told Pro-Mayor and District 6 Councillor Gabriel Parent and council members about the incident. A portion of the front lawn bordering the road and two signage markers from a private snow removal company were also apparently damaged.

The resident claimed it took three repeated attempts to contact the city’s public works department before a city work crew was sent to remove the ice and snow from the entrance way. The resident also asked why the city doesn’t cart away large pieces of ice that are filled with road salt, abrasives and other pollutants using dump trucks instead of piling it into mountains onto lawns. She added that the large piles of ice are usually only dumped onto a couple of properties that line the street. Another resident living on Rue des Dahlias in District 3 had a similar complaint, saying that large blocks of ice accumulated from clearing the entire street are also only piled onto a couple of front lawns. He said that the city should at least consider hauling away the ice, but with the eventual arrival of spring, added it seemed to be a waste of money to remove the ice so late in the winter season.

He suggested it would be better to leave it on the street since it doesn’t impede traffic flow and it will eventually melt with the arrival of warmer temperatures. The city’s Director General Martin Houde said the city would contact its public works director to look into why it took three calls before the problem was finally resolved. Parent said that the city will also look into the procedures used by private snow removal contractors to ensure they follow the correct protocol regarding snow and ice clearing operations.

Parent was presiding as pro-mayor during the council session because Mayor Guy Pilon, District 5 Councillor Rénald Gabriele, and Michel Vallée, Director of Culture and the Arts, are presently in Bilbao, Spain, attending the first United Cities and Local Governments (UCLG) conference to present a brief to international delegates regarding the successful implementation of the city’s Je Suis cultural program.

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