Letter to the editor 1, March 19, 2015

Dear Editor,

It was kind of Your Local Journal to recently feature an article on SPCA West Island (March 5, 2015). I am sure that the article helped the organization raise much needed funds. However, I am really disappointed to find advertisements in the paper for both a hunting/fishing business and for a pet shop which sells live animals.

It quite boggled my mind that Your Local Journal encouraged its readers to view a video of a ‘reunion,’ following the return of a Blue Chihuahua stolen from the pet store advertiser (March 12, 2015). How is this supposed to be heart-warming?

The poor dog was bred and is being sold as a commodity, for profit. It is common knowledge that breeders of such dogs contribute to a huge amount of suffering. A life purposely bred equals a life unnecessarily ended for an existing ‘homeless’ animal.

In addition, most pedigree dogs suffer health problems due to genetic interference. The Blue Chihuahua breed is relatively lucky, compared to other pedigreed dogs, but they are still prone to patellar luxation; tracheal collapse; serious coat problems; keratoconjunctivitis sicca; excessive snoring and a host of other potential problems that are inherent to all toy breeds.

I see that you are advertising for a new sales representative. Hopefully, they will be able to generate enough new business that you can pick and choose your clients.


Hilary Dempsey


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