Letter to the editor 1, Feb. 26, 2015

Dear Editor,

I’m deeply disturbed by what I witnessed at last night’s so called ‘emergency’ council meeting which Your Local Journal incorrectly reported as closed to the public. This meeting was scheduled to take place at the Halcro cottage which comfortably seats 20 excluding the Mayor and council, held at the 5:30 dinner hour and timed so that those arriving home from work could not possibly attend and with very short, inadequate notice given. Even to my meager mind that smells of collusion.

The very small agenda consisted of two main topics. The first topic was a resolution dealing with a $20,000 initial expenditure for Pine Lake and the second topic was titled Human Resources, otherwise known as the Catherine Haulard affair. Personally I believe the Pine lake issue was just window dressing used to hide the real reason that the meeting was called and that was to quietly, with as little public and press involvement as possible, deal with the issue of disciplinary action directed, rightly or wrongly, against Director General Catherine Haulard.

I have always believed in the integrity, intelligence and judgement of our elected town officials but I am now starting to question some of those beliefs. If the Director General did something serious enough to deserve suspension, the issue should have been brought up before council, legal advice should have been requested and, if necessary, she should have been fired. If her actions were not serious enough to merit firing then she should have been quietly spoken to and a note should then have been placed in her personnel file detailing the concerns of council.

A public unpaid suspension unfairly puts her integrity and qualifications into question allowing for legal action to be taken against this already financially burdened town. I still believe in the honesty and integrity of this Mayor and his council but I now question their judgement.

Back door diplomacy has no place in this wonderful town I call home. I had hoped for more from this council.

Frank Hicks


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