Letter to the editor, Feb. 5, 2015

Dear Editor,

As a St. Lazare resident, I’m quite disillusioned about a number of issues affecting our area. The ditch re-profiling that was done in Chaline Valley was done half-heartedly, taking three years to do 20 days of work and it still isn’t 100 per cent. This in spite of the fact that excess ground water can increase the risk of landslides as well as flooding for residents here.

The secondary road in and out of here was petitioned for in 1993 by my wife and I and it took almost 10 years before we got that cow path over to Proulx Street and finally, this fall, we actually got what we needed all along. Traffic will increase tremendously for this area with all the new homes and a school going up in H-300 development.

I just wonder how the water supply will hold up. Then we have water restrictions in the summer months. Will new homes in H-300 suffer the sinking house syndrome as do many across chemin Ste. Angelique in Champêtre? Will newcomers be told they’ll be a stone’s throw away from the town’s open area cess pools? With 400 new homes all crammed into a very small area along with a school and only two exits out onto Ste. Angelique, it will be interesting to see.

Taxes are on the increase and I feel money is being mismanaged with too much trying to be done at the same time. New fire hall, new fire truck, new city hall, new town center next to IGA, and money doled out to lawyers for conflicts with residents.

My wife and I are on pension and I see taxes going up five per cent every year for years to come. We’ll be financially forced out of our homes within 10 years. Yet we’ll still have the mosquito issue, along with settling houses, flooding, and very high traffic.

Richard Meades

Chaline Valley,

St. Lazare

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