Letter to the editor 2, Jan 29, 2015

Dear Editor,

In a few days it will be 15 months since I have not been allowed to speak at the Public Question Periods of the Lester B. Pearson Council of Commissioners meetings. However, there are other taxpayers, such as Bart Sellitto, a former commissioner, who is presently a Community Representative on a Governing Board of a Pearson elementary school who are raising serious issues. At the regular Council meeting of January 26, he made pertinent comments regarding the 3-minute rule to speak.

In essence, he basically said the board is doing the same thing as successive Quebec governments have done to the English community by imposing laws by limiting and restricting certain rights. He reminded the board of the notices and the pleas put out last autumn begging people to come out and vote for last November’s school.

Although I applaud the award to Dr. Serge Gauthier for his work and research in brain aging (Your Local Journal, January 15, 2015) I would also like to nominate the everyday docs and support staff at the Hudson Medi Centre who have kept us all going - stretched for time and seriously short-handed for so many years. We find it easy to criticize long waits and short tempers, but we are extraordinarily fortunate to have such a devoted community health clinic, when so many others have no medical access at all. Bravo to the Hudson Medi Centre!

Connie Turnbull

St. Lazare

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