Letter to the editor 1, Jan 22, 2015

Dear Editor,

I’m confused about Hudson’s mission. Years and thousands of words have flowed over the issue of how to invigorate the downtown core of Hudson, invite commerce, organize the main street to enhance stores, and minimize offices and residences. Now I hear that The Source Health Store and Ye Olde Curiosity Shoppe are being closed down (or relocated to undefined place?) to make way for more residences.

Has the town given up on a commercial vocation for Hudson? If the people living on Main Road need a mall-type hallway to get to the main road, what would they go to the main road for? Their meds? The Source owner does not want to move. I don’t know about Mr. Hicks.

Both are probably approaching the latter end of their careers. Why not allow them gracefully to live out their days of service to the public, adding to the colour and variety of Hudson and its shops, by disallowing this eviction?

I sure hope the Hudson Council, despite the financial challenges they’ve made public, still has a heart.

Sandra Stephenson


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