Letter to the editor 5, Jan 15, 2015

Dear Editor,

I have been following the drama which unfolded in Paris with 12 people killed at Charlie Hebdo by Muslim extremists. The problem seems to be that Muslims don’t like drawings to represent their prophet Mohamed. But it seems everyone is now printing various depictions of Mohamed just to prove that they have the freedom of speech and freedom of the press. Has anyone thought of the consequences of doing that - sticking it to the Muslims all over the world to show them who is superior?

How foolish. I am not a fan of Mohamed nor of Islam. But “respect” is a big word in my vocabulary. Why does Charlie Hebdo have to print derogatory cartoons of just about everybody on earth? Why do other media follow suit to prove that they have no scruples, no principles, no standards of civilized behaviour? So you can print offensive cartoons... Good for you... You have only proved that you can be provocative and you can stir up trouble.

Where will this lead? We are headed for a society and world where he who insults the most laughs last... yea, because we will incite hatred, more terrorism, more uncivilized behaviour. You set the standard, and everyone follows. I am sad to see that we are descending into a quagmire of trouble and uncivilized behaviour.

Ed Hoyer


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