Letter to the editor 4, Jan 15, 2015

Dear Editor,

As a man who is handling a fortune, hasn’t Pierre Karl Péladeau noticed that Quebec has declined under the spectra of separatism? Where will he find the money to replace the transfer payments? Your pocket and mine! Why should we not be outraged by PKP’s conviction that he can retain control of a media empire while seeking and holding public office?

Common working folk always called that sort of thing “conflict of interest”! Hasn’t it been noticed that Sun News is virtually silent on Péladeau’s views and aspirations? A few sparse defensive notes about journalistic independence to maintain an aura of separation between boss and worker may be found if you look carefully.

Already there is censorship, even if “self-imposed.” Anglophones are what part of PKP’s equation? He says there is no difference between an Anglophone and a Francophone in Quebec. He appears to be unfamiliar with Bill/Law 101. He ought to educate himself before dipping his toes into government.

Sheila Mediena


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