Letter to the editor 2, Jan 15, 2015

Dear Editor,

The letter from Naomi Henshaw in Your Local Journal, December 23, most certainly requires a response. It is not apparent how a promotion of Hudson for what it is (a municipality that enjoys its bilingual status) has, as she puts it, ‘fascist overtones.’ Also, how can she be so sure that St. Lazare wouldn’t wish to regain their bilingual status through a merger with Hudson?

St. Lazare only reluctantly gave up its bilingual status when it was ordered to do so by the powers that be in Quebec. Obviously she (not to mention the Quebec Government) does not acknowledge that, in addition to most Allophones and Anglophones, many Francophones also wish to live in a community that is bilingual (rather than unilingual).

Finally, her suggestion that, “Any ‘like-minded’ citizens akin to Reilly’s mindset should leave town immediately” (a clear reflection of the fascist policy of our Quebec Government) is targeted to approximately 86% of Hudson’s population. Wouldn’t Hudson be better off if it were Henshaw who left town?

H.D. Reilly


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