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Rigaud supports regional intervention Committee for unhealthy living conditions


A snag in the asphalt is currently holding up the ongoing project of joining both parts of the rue de la Coopérative in Rigaud.

Rigaud Town Council made the first step in support of working in concert with local and regional services to create an intervention model for individuals living in unhealthy and dangerous conditions. Council passed a resolution adopting the model announced by Le Centre intégré de santé et de services sociaux (CISSS) and the Comité intersectorial de la trajectoire en insalubrité morbide de Vaudreuil-Soulanges on June 15. According to Mayor Hans Gruenwald Jr., Rigaud is the first municipality in the region to officially make this move.

“This is the first step in creating an intervention system in Vaudreuil-Soulanges that will help people living in unhealthy and unsafe conditions,” said the mayor. He said the organization would be responsible for finding transitional living quarters for those in need while unsafe situations are corrected. By working in concert with the regional social services network, the municipality will be better able to provide services to citizens in need. “We are part of the creation of that committee (Comité intersectorial) and for that committee to go forward it requires a resolution from every municipality in the county,” said Gruenwald Jr. in an interview after the meeting. “Rigaud is the first one up to bat,” he added, noting, “What this means for Rigaud, is that we will not be acting alone in these situations.” He said these mechanisms are meant to help people that are not able to help themselves and whose families are not able, or available, to handle the situation. “These are extreme situations,” said the mayor. According to the June 15 announcement, the objective is for municipalities and their partners in the social services network to work together before, during and after an intervention to create a safety net for those in need. Details of the announcement are available on-line at http://www. santemonteregie. qc.ca/vaudreuilsoulanges/ presse/communiques/ detail/insalubrite.en.html.

A three-year agreement between the town and Corporation du Festival des couleurs was authorized for 2016 to 2018 with financial support of $40,000 per year. Two councillors abstained from the vote: Archie Martin representing District 2 because of a financial interest in the event and Michel Sauvé from District 3 because he preferred to assess the Festival on yearly basis rather than make a three year financial commitment. Serge Dion from Citoyens Au Courant raised the issue of the Enbridge pipeline and hydrostatic testing that is supposed to be carried out in certain areas but not locally. Dion wanted to know if the municipality is satisfied with the response from the National Energy Board (NEB) and offered pertinent information gathered by Citoyens Au Courant.

The mayor responded he needed to review the information and would contact Dion. “No, we are not happy with the situation,” said Gruenwald Jr. the next day, saying he wasn’t certain as to the course of action the municipality could take. “We need more information before we make a decision.” The construction project for the satellite re-cycling center moved forward with the granting of a contract for prefabricated concrete pedestals to A & J.L. Bourgeois Ltée for the sum of $443,000. A resident queried the progress of the three-part construction project for the new town hall, municipal garage including the satellite Écocentre and fi re hall during the second question period. Gruenwald Jr. replied, “We are exploring every angle for government grants.” He said the town had received news that there are many requests to the provincial government for infrastructure grants and that Rigaud was fairly high on the list.

“However, for the new town hall there will likely not be any grants,” he said adding there is a possibility of a grant for the municipal garage. He confirmed a grant of $1.4 million for the construction of the fi re hall is assured. Gruenwald Jr. noted he is preparing a statement on the progress of the entire project for the August edition of the town newsletter, La Pause Municipale. Council also renewed the lease for another year up to August 31, 2017, for the current town hall premises at 33 rue Saint-Jean-Baptiste West. In other business, council granted a contract to Les Entreprises C. Sauvé Inc. for the construction of municipal services infrastructure for the extension of rue Agathe in the amount of $616,607. The purchase of a 2015 half ton truck from Cadillac Chevrolet Buick GMC L’Île Perrot was authorized for $26,398.75 payable over five years. Council also approved the purchase of outdoor recreational equipment for children for Parc Frère-André-Daoust from Techsport Inc. The mayor said the park has been cleaned up and improved after complaints from local residents regarding its condition. District 5 Councillor Danny Lalonde announced the on-going project of joining the two parts of rue de la Coopérative over the railway tracks was held up due to an issue with the asphalt required. According to Lalonde, the problem is being rectified and the street will be open within weeks.

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