• James Armstrong

The ‘Heart of Hudson’ blogging adventure now available online


A bright note on the Hudson horizon is the blog ‘Heart of Hudson’ created by India Robbins (left). Mayor Ed Prévost (right) thanked her on behalf of the town during the December 1 town council meeting.

The Heart of Hudson’ is a blog site that focuses on exploring the town of Hudson, its upcoming events, and the various merchants and services that are available illustrated with photos. “I thought of it during the Street Fair this summer,” said India Robbins the creative force behind the project. An email later to the mayor, and the talented blogger had the site up and running by the beginning of September.

The project started with a blog site followed by a Facebook page and Twitter account. Local residents and visitors are invited get involved in the blog through an interview with Robbins. Contact information is available on the site or email Robbins at heartofhudson1@ gmail.com.

Mayor Prévost thanked Robbins for her gift to the town and invited her to the microphone during the December 1 town council meeting. Robbins, who is in her final year at Westwood High School, gave a brief description of her work. Those attending the meeting responded with a warm round of applause.

Links to the sites are as follows: https://www.facebook.com/ heartofhudson1 https://twitter.com/heartofhudson http://heartofhudson1.wix.com/ heart-of-hudson

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