Letter to the editor 3, Dec. 11, 2014

Dear Editor,

I may be wrong, but I think the pipeline must travel east (Donation to Anti-pipeline movement, Your Local Journal, December 4, 2014). If I remember right, a few years ago one the original routes was to cross British Columbia to a sea port, but the project was rejected. The tar sands are located around Fort McMurray, Alberta, and the shortest route to open sea is 1,500 km away in BC. Now from the tar sands to open sea in Matane, Quebec, is 4,500 km away.

Why incur the cost of 3,000 km more of pipeline? The price of oil is at a low under $ 70 a barrel. The investment is definitely not worth it at this point in time. The oil business benefits from large government grants, tax breaks and more. Why do we pay one of the highest prices for gas in and around Montreal compared to North America while the barrel is low?

I wonder if this is a pressure tactic from the industry. Will the low barrel price kill the project? Why don’t we ask these questions to TransCanada or Enbridge? If the oil industry proposed a $0.20 below average Canadian gas price for 20 years for all of Quebec, I would be very supportive.

Yours Truly

Raymond Cadieux

St. Lazare

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