• John Jantak

St. Lazare’s public works employees praised for their work on Rue de Carillion


St. Lazare Mayor Robert Grimaudo listens as a resident praised the town’s public works employees for their eff orts in building the new Rue de Carillon access road in Chaline Valley within three weeks.

The rapid construction of Rue de Carillon within a three-week period prompted one Chaline Valley resident to compliment St. Lazare council and the town’s public works employees in particular for their speed and efficiency in realizing the long-awaited project. Richard Meades delivered his adulations during the first question period of the Tuesday evening council meeting by thanking Mayor Robert Grimaudo and all six councillors for their consistent efforts in pushing the project forward.

Meades then heaped praise on all the public works employees for building the long-awaited second access road into and out of Chaline Valley within a three week period beginning in November and having it ready for its official opening on November 24. “I would like to thank you for the second road into our area,” said Meades.

“I would especially like to thank the guys who did it, because they really deserve all the credit. I walked by there every day and saw the work they were doing. They worked hard and deserve real recognition. These are the people who should have their picture in the paper.” Meades then recounted a recent incident within the past week where he reported a water leak on Chemin St. Louis that leads into Chaline Valley to the town’s public works department.

Less than one hour later, a team of four employees were on site taking care of the situation. “It was amazing. They really work well and they’re on top of things. These are employees we can be really proud of,” said Meades. A second access road for Chaline Valley had been proposed for more than 10 years but was never realized until Grimaudo’s current municipal administration decided it was time to take action and complete the long-awaited project.

Grimaudo also thanked the town’s public works employees for their efficiency and speed in constructing Rue de Carillon within a short time frame. “We’re very fortunate,” said Grimaudo. “I say it often – we are very well serviced by the town’s employees. Rue de Carillon came in at 40 per cent of the cost had it gone to a private contractor. Our own employees built that road. They worked hard. From the time they first started digging, the road was finished within three weeks. That’s incredible.”

Grimaudo said the cost to the municipality for the new Rue de Carillon extension which connects to Chemin Ste. Angélique is about $340,000, substantially less than the estimated $700,000 the town would have spent for a private contractor to build the same section of road.

“These are the type of people we have working for the town,” Grimaudo added. “We are very, very lucky. We don’t have union problems. The employees are all happy and most of them are St. Lazare residents, and that too I think is important because they feel that they belong – kind of like a partnership. I feel sorry for the town’s that don’t have the same situation.”

District 3 Councillor Brigitte Asselin who has represented Chaline Valley for 12 years tried repeatedly to get previous municipal councils to proceed with project, but was unsuccessful because of political reasons until the current council decided it was time to proceed. The new section of Rue de Carillon, which will be open throughout the winter, will be completed next spring when a finishing coat of asphalt will be laid.

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