Letter to the editor 2, Dec.4, 2014

Dear Editor,

The principle supplier of oil to Quebec is the United States and second is Algeria. We buy no oil from Saudi Arabia. The mayor of Rigaud needs to understand that despite what TransCanada Pipeline insinuates, the oil that will flow through Energy East is NOT for Quebec (No easy answers at TransCanada information session, Your Local Journal, November 20)


The oil industry is desperate to get the oil sands onto the international market and Quebec will continue to get its oil from the same overseas suppliers. There are long-term stable contracts in place. So when the mayor talks about Energy East or Enbridge 9B and reminds us all that we drive cars, he is making an erroneous link. Tar sands oil is for export.

The pipelines will not change that, nor will they change the price we pay for gas at the pumps. In other words, we in Quebec will be assuming the risk for Chinese and European companies that own tar sands oil, and want to export it to India and Brazil. Quebec is bang in the way and TransCanada Pipelines is doing all sorts of PR gymnastics to try to convince us we are getting something good. What else can we expect them to do?

They are a corporation with shareholders and nothing stands in the way of profit! I would invite citizens to consider this scenario. If the tar sands turn out to be a bad gamble on the part of our federal government, and the industry fails, what will happen to its victims? And if we accept Energy East, we will be one.

Katherine Massam

Les Citoyens au courant Très

Saint Rédempteur

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