• James Armstrong

Building dams and fixing fences in Hudson


Hudson council passed a resolution mandating the initiation of legal proceedings to demolish the fence located at 68 Como Gardens, Hudson

The construction of Pine Lake dam was on the Hudson town council agenda at the regular monthly meeting held Monday, December 1. Mayor Ed Prévost announced Germain Laporte, Ken Walker, Martin J. Lechowicz, Tom Birch, Gordon Th ompson and Town Clerk Vincent Maranda are the members of the advisory committee that will research the possible types of dams and their costs and make recommendations to council on the best replacement choice for the currently damaged dam.

“They are all people who have specialized backgrounds,” said Prévost when asked after the meeting about the criteria used for choosing the committee members. All of the members are residents of Hudson but none of them own property bordering Pine Lake. The committee is expected to begin its work this coming week. Regarding the recent audit report by the accounting firm Goudreau Poirier Inc., the mayor said the town had met with its legal advisors and will be taking action on many fronts.

Later in the meeting, council passed two resolutions mandating the town’s attorneys to take legal proceedings against the former accounting firm Bourassa Boyer and to explore potential legal proceedings against former elected officials, municipal administrators, and external professionals. Bourassa Boyer initially took legal action against the town claiming $74,902.50 for services rendered including an estimated $19,000 in interest.

“We will also retain the services of a forensic auditor in order to identify those responsible for the mismanagement of funds and evaluate whether these files are worth our while to pursue in civil court, or perhaps, if necessary, in criminal court,” Prévost said.

“The Town of Hudson intends to shed all the possible light on the questionable activities of previous elected and administration officials as well as external professionals who gave advice and were negligent, a serious fault and breach of trust concerning the town of Hudson’s financial management, appropriate requests for compensation will be addressed,” said the mayor, reading the resolution passed by council.

On Monday, the town received a letter from the Ministère des Affaires municipals et de l’Occupation du territoire (MAMOT) summarizing the results of their full audit of the sewage and water treatment system project where non-respective procedures by the town were observed the mayor reported. “These amounts (of money) were roughly $3 million, or to be precise, $3, 179, 729,” said the mayor, “and involved the following companies: RARIS, LBCD, D3 Design, Laboratoire ABS and Groupe ABS.”

The town has been asked to provide comments and any additional information to MAMOT by December 19, 2014. “MAMOT will then make their final determination and the money, or a portion thereof will be transmitted to the town in the new year,” Prévost said. Funding for the project in the form of grants from the federal and provincial governments was held back until the audit is completed and MAMOT makes its decision.

Also pertaining to the water treatment infrastructure project, council adopted the amendments to By-laws 504, 505 and 554 so that only those residents receiving the service or having the possibility of receiving the services will be taxed for the service. In his opening remarks, the mayor also reported the 23 mayors of the Municipalité Régionale de Comté de Vaudreuil-Soulanges (MRC-VS) have nearly completed the budget projections for 2015 and that the town of Hudson is budgeted at more or less the same level of funding as last year.

In other business, members of the newly formed Demolition Committee were announced. They are Councillors Nicole Durand, Barbara Robinson, and Deborah Woodhead. Their

term of service is one year. Council also passed a resolution mandating the town attorneys to initiate legal proceeding for the demolition of a fence located on the property at 68 Como Gardens.

According to the resolution passed by council, the property owner was sent a written notice asking him to remove the fence since it is in contravention of town by-laws. Under Environment and Health, resolutions were passed for the issue of calls for tender for the disposal of household waste, bulk items and green residue as well as the distribution, maintenance and management of household waste bins.

It was announced on Monday evening that the Stephen F. Shaar Community Centre has received a donation of a Challen baby grand piano. Parks and Recreation Director, Julia Schroeder, said in an interview on Wednesday that it is in the process of being tuned and lovingly restored by local resident Marc Lanthier of Piano Lanco.

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