• John Jantak

Senneville’s 2013 budget deficit will be offset by expected 2014 surplus


Senneville Mayor Jane Guest said council will begin working on its 2015 budget shortly which will be presented at a special council meeting on January 26 ahead of its regular monthly session.

Mayor Jane Guest announced that the Village of Senneville posted a 2013 budget deficit of just over $357,000 and is expected to end 2014 with a surplus of about $258,000, as she delivered a status report regarding the state of the municipality’s finances during the Monday evening council meeting, November 24.

“For the fiscal year ended December 31st, 2013, the audited financial statements from the municipality show total operating expenditures, amortization, and debt reimbursement of $5,236,933 and revenues of $4,879,376 resulting in a budgetary deficit of $357,575,” said Guest as she read aloud from a report about state of the village’s financial status.

“As previously announced by council, the final results were largely impacted by the Mount Royal Cemetery non-taxable status, the reassessment of the arboretum as contested by the MAMOT (provincial Municipal Affairs Ministry), the decrease in real-estate transfer duties versus 2012, and the expenses regarding the ongoing urban planning process.”

A preliminary analysis of the projected revenues for 2014 are forecast to come in just under $7.2 million with total expenditures amounting to just over $6.9 million, of which over $3.4 will go to cover Senneville’s share to the Montreal agglomeration for services provided by the Montreal Municipal Council, said Guest. “Final results for 2014 are expected to yield a surplus of approximately $258,033, resulting from other sources of revenues such as mutations, recycling grants and tax compensations on governmental properties,” said Guest.

Among the highlights of the many projects undertaken by the village in 2014 include its urban planning work and adoption of related by-laws, the development of two industrial properties, asphalt repairs to its roads and new municipal signage. Guest’s financial remuneration as mayor for 2014 totaled $11,340 with an expense allowance of $5,670. Each of the village’s six municipal councillors receives $3,780 in remuneration and a $1,890 expense allowance.

News of the projected surplus prompted one resident to ask whether the village will consider reinstating some programs that were eliminated or reduced this year as a result of the 2013 budget deficit that saw residential properties rise an average nine per cent. Guest gave no assurances whether it would reinstate cut programs or restore the reduced funding to others, saying it was premature to speculate.

“Council will meet to begin preparing next year’s budget with the next couple of weeks,” said Guest. “There’s not much more to say right now. We’re not sure whether there will be more cuts or an increase in property taxes. Hopefully not because last year we had a really substantial increase in taxes. It really is too premature to say anything more at this point so I’d rather not comment any further.” Senneville’s 2015 budget and three year capital expenditure program will be presented during a special council on January 26 ahead of the regularly scheduled monthly council meeting.

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