Letter to the editor, Nov. 27, 2014

And justice for all

Dear Editor,

Lacking in religious conviction or fervor, it is with some hesitation that I quote the present leader of the Catholic Church but, damn it, when that man’s right, he’s right. Pope Francis recently spoke out on what he referred to as the European Union’s “opulent” and “aloof” leadership. He decried their selfish lifestyles, excess, and indifference, especially to the poorest of the poor. He further stated that men and women are being reduced to cogs in a machine, items of consumption to be exploited.

What he failed to mention is that greed, indifference and opulent life styles are not limited to the European continent and that they are often fed by corruption. This small picturesque healthy town of Hudson, filled with friendly neighbors and loving families, has been diagnosed with this malignancy. We have been informed that we could be facing insolvency because of what was referred to as the raping, pillaging and theft of our hard earned tax dollars.

Our high taxes can conceivably climb even higher and our town services could be further diminished because of what most believe was caused by greed, inefficiencies, indifference, ready compliance, laziness and favoritism by an unnamed villain or villains. Reputations are being tarnished and a lynch mob mentality is emerging because of our serious lack of knowledge as to what the hell happened.

The homes and lifestyles of some of our poor and middle-class neighbors could be placed in jeopardy. All the citizens of Hudson and all our administrators, both past and present, deserve answers and justice. It some cases that justice will come in the clearing of their good names. In other cases the outcome might be somewhat different.


Frank Hicks


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