Letter to the editor 1, Oct. 16, 2014

Dear Editor,

I read Stephanie O’Hanley’s “On Groundhogs and Gardens” (Your Local Journal, October 9) with disappointment because it gives the impression that relocating wild animals is an easy and humane fix when you don’t want them in your backyard. Not only does live-trapping cause great stress and possible injuries for the animal but, according to studies, they frequently do not fare well in their new habitat.

These animals are forced to find food, water, and shelter in a strange environment while dealing with other resident animals that may be territorial and attack any newcomers. Trapped and relocated animals may be separated from their young and any dependent babies will die an inhumane death. Groundhogs hibernate during the winter and may die if they don’t have time to create a new winter burrow.

In short, relocation is not the humane choice that people want to think it is. Please consider simply building a fence around your gardens and existing in harmony with wildlife instead of perpetuating the unfortunate trend of getting rid of animals. This is their world, too.

Marsha Howie

Île Perrot

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