Letter to the editor, Sept. 25, 2014

Land grab

Dear Editor,

The Montreal Agglomeration Committee recently announced that they will recommend absolutely no development whatsoever on my property in Angell Woods, and will even institute their own interim control over it. This is only the first part of a double whammy. Because next week Beaconsfield will vote on a resolution that will target me with hefty fines for many thousands of ash trees.

All this, while never even approaching me with an offer to buy the woods honestly. The unholy alliance of Beaconsfield and APAW (Association for the Protection of Angell Woods) has managed to exempt Angell Woods from their regional designation as a transportation hub that would allow some moderate development. They have manipulated the law not just to shred my rights, but to smash forever any possibility that I might pose any obstacle to their grabbing my land.


Diana Shahmoon, Seda Holdings Ltd.

New York

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