• James Armstrong

Theft in Rigaud lowers municipal water pressure

The theft of a significant amount of water from the municipal supply during the afternoon of Tuesday September 9 left residents in the center of Rigaud with lowered water pressure and yellowish brown water supply when the pressure returned. According to Director General Chantale Lemieux, someone used a fire hydrant to access the municipal water system.

“We don’t know exactly in which sector of the system it happened,” said Lemieux during an interview Wednesday afternoon. She noted that it must have been a large tanker truck with a strong pump given the amount of water that disappeared in a short period of time.

“This is the first time this has happened this year,” said Lemieux explaining that a similar theft took place in 2013. “We were able to catch the culprits and fine them because residents saw it happening and reported it,” she said, referring to last year’s theft. She pointed out that the theft of water costs the town a lot of money.

“It’s very disagreeable for the residents that are affected by this,” she said. When asked if the theft was being investigated by the Sûreté du Québec, Lemieux replied, “I don’t think so, since they didn’t see it happening and we don’t know which sector it occurred in.

There isn’t much we can do.” According to a 2012 announcement on the town web site, Rigaud has been a frequent victim of water theft and asks residents to be vigilant (ville.rigaud. qc.ca/node/445.).

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