Letter to the editor 2, Sept. 4, 2014

Dear Editor,

Regarding the temporary access road to be built this fall in Ste. Anne de Bellevue to alleviate traffic, I would like to address two errors in the article (Your Local Journal, August 21). I attended that August 19 meeting, so let me point them out to you. The first one is the planned schedule or timetable for the permanent T-intersection. I quote, “…the construction of the T-intersection at Exit 41 that is scheduled to begin in mid-2015 and expected to be completed by late fall.”

At some point that evening during the question period, Mr. Martin Bonhomme (DirectorGeneral for our town) took the microphone to correct the misconceptions being discussed. He specifically told us that the work on the T-intersection would begin in the spring (as soon as the ground thaws), last 12 to 14 weeks and would be completed by mid-July, before the annual construction holidays; not in late fall.

I suspect he knows what he is talking about. The second point is the price tag. You say: “… the temporary road will cost just under $50,000.” It will actually cost us more than $50,000. If one includes the studies and plans prepared by CIMA+ ordered by council in its resolution 06166-14 ($7674.58) for this project, the total cost exceeds $57,000 if there are no last minute cost overruns.

Finally, there is one point you do not address at all. During the three months of construction of the T-intersection next spring, how likely will the temporary road be partially or fully closed to incorporate it to the final project and for how long? If that is the case, its serviceable life would be greatly reduced, don’t you think?


M. Cossai

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