• John Jantak

Senneville will hold registry signing regarding its master urban plan


Work proceeds on the Tenaquip light industrial facility on the north side of Highway 40 in Senneville. The town recently adopted its master urban plan that calls for the construction of a new industrial park on the south side of the highway on a large swath of wooded land that will house up to four light industrial companies.

Senneville residents will have the opportunity to voice any opposition to the recently adopted master urban plan at a register signing scheduled for September 17, it was announced at the Monday, August 25 council meeting. If at least 81 residents sign the registry, a referendum will be held to determine whether the town can proceed to implement the plan. Town council adopted the finalized version of the town’s master urban plan at a special council sitting on July 17, which will allow for the construction of around 50 new residential units and up to four additional light industrial properties on a large swath of wooded land south of Highway 40.

“We’ve limited the residential aspect to one-third of what was originally proposed,” Guest told Your Local Journal after Monday’s meeting. “That one-third is in the southern portion of the village which would be accessible from Senneville Road. This will limit the population growth and the amount of traffic which was a huge concern here because of the small roads.”

Guest said the new residential development will be comprised of about 38 townhouses and 12 single family dwellings, substantially less that the 120 housing units that had been proposed in an earlier plan. It will also significantly limit the amount of stress that will be placed on the town’s infrastructure. “The properties are smaller. They’re 1,250 square meters in area compared to lower Senneville where the properties range from 1,250 to 2,000 square meters, so they’re on a sort of lower scale but that’s also a very popular concept now because it involves less upkeep and that sort of thing. We feel very comfortable with that and it’s also a density that was established by the agglomeration which is 10 dwellings per hectare.”

The remaining two-thirds of the land has been set aside for light industrial development on the south side of Highway 40 which will have a positive impact on homeowners by enabling the town to draw additional revenue from another tax base instead of increasing residential property taxes each year, according to Guest. “We potentially will have four new stakeholders in the new industrial zone,” said Guest. “There will be a 30 meter buffer zone between the new residential and industrial areas with a five meter-high berm so residents won’t see the industrial sector from the residential sector.”

Senneville currently has one light industrial facility, Charles River Laboratories on the south side of Highway 40. The new industrial park will be located just east of Charles River and a road will also be built to provide vehicle access to the new development. Another new light industrial facility is presently being built on the north side of Highway 40 that will house Tenaquip which will relocate to Senneville after construction is completed. Work is also proceeding on the new Belvedere Cemetery and Funeral Complex just east of the Tenaquip building.

Guest said she doesn’t anticipate much opposition from residents to the new urban plan during the upcoming registry signing. “I think people are happy that a very good plan has been adopted. We’re counting on it going through,” she said. Council’s adoption of the town’s revised master urban plan comes just over eight months after a referendum was held in conjunction with the mayoral election last November that resulted in residents rejecting a previous version of the master plan that was proposed by former Mayor George McLeish who lost his re-election bid to Guest.

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