• James Parry

Emily Aird makes skydiving debut freefalling in St. Jerome


With a little help from her instructor Antoine Bourgon, Emily Aird comes back down to earth in time to celebrate with her family.

Long-time Hudson resident and ever-young Emily Aird is the first to admit that many of her friends and family members think that she is absolutely crazy. And in an exclusive interview with Your Local Journal on Monday, she was the first to agree.

For the very next day, Emily - already a veteran of four bungee jumps in the last five years - was heading out to skydive for the very first time. With her grandson, 15 year-old Daniel Aird, jumping out of a plane at Parachutisme Adrénaline in St. Jerome at about 12,000 feet, freefalling for the first 5,000 before pulling the rip cord together with her hooked-on instructor Antoine Bourgon, and landing with all the grace and dexterity of a Blue Heron in flight.

‘What’s so newsworthy about this?’ you might ask. Well Emily is 91 years old. And she is now safely back on the ground and already looking forward to her next challenge. Namely bungee jumping over a waterfall in Rio di Janeiro, host of the Summer Olympics two years from now.

“There’s so much sadness and bad news when you turn on the radio or television these days,” said Emily over a nice cup of tea when I met with her just before her jump. “So I thought to myself, why not?”

As to why she opted for her first ever skydive, following her last bungee jump in Wakefield, Ontario, Emily chuckled. “I really don’t know. But it surely has to be the experience of a lifetime. And it will surely block everything out of my mind when I am falling. Which can’t be a bad thing, after all.”

Pleased to report that after jumping from the plane, and tumbling down every which way before pulling their ripcords, Emily and Daniel are now safely back home in Hudson with certificates and photos to prove it.

To see more photos of their jump, check out our Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/YourLocalJournalVS

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