• James Armstrong

Mayor breaks tie vote on extension of Rigaud’s rue de la Coopérative


Construction will begin soon on the extension of rue de la Coopérative across the railroad tracks into the adjacent industrial park.

Voting on the motion to award a construction contract to build the extension of rue de la Coopérative across the railroad tracks was tied during the Monday evening regular town council meeting. At the request of one of the councillors, each councillor had to verbally state their position. Mayor Hans Gruenwald Jr. cast his vote in support of the motion and the contract was awarded to Les Entreprises C. Sauvé Inc.

A related motion requesting authorization to build the road across the railway right-of-way from the Agence métropolitaine de transport (AMT) met with the same voting situation and result. The mayor confirmed when questioned after the meeting that construction of the extension will begin in the next few days.

Residents in the vicinity of the extension have been opposed to its construction since it was first proposed in conjunction with the construction of the cancelled EcoCentre. “I am really concerned about the increase in traffic at St-Jean-Baptiste,” said Joan Leger in an interview Tuesday evening, referring to the intersection of the main street through town with rue de la Coopérative. She is worried that an increase in the flow of traffic on de la Cooperative will make access to the main street more difficult than it already is.

In other business, council adopted a series of amendments to zoning regulations and their subsequent notices of motion. The resolution passed at the July meeting mandating the purchase of two tickets at $30 each to the ‘Soirée Casino’ in support of the Fondation des Centres d’hébergement Soulanges was modified to purchase a table for $200.

A request to the Ministère du Développement durable, de l’Environnement et Lutte Contre les Changements Climatiques (MDDELCC) for the development of Pointe-Séguin as a conservation and education park was approved. A request for a certificate of authorization for the same project to the MRC Vaudreuil-Soulanges was also passed.

Problems with vacant lots overgrown with ragweed, poison ivy and hogweed was the main topic of discussion during the public question periods. When asked what action the town could take to remedy the situation, Town Clerk Hélène Therrien explained the only recourse available is to take legal action through the municipal court. She noted that the legal process is too long to be effective before winter arrives. The mayor responded he preferred to assess each situation individually and approach the property owners regarding possible solutions.