Letter to the Editor, July 3, 2014

Pine Lake: Back to proud

Dear Editor,

I hate to say it, but the whole Pine Lake situation seems to be going down the proverbial downward spiral...

We have elected officials who are saying that a referendum must be held to decide whether or not the dam will be repaired, rebuilt, or simply destroyed... I’m sorry but I believe they have it slightly backwards. City council must make a decision. Then if citizens of Hudson oppose this decision, with enough signatures, they can ask for a referendum.

My main gripe is with the defeatist attitude that I hear about this issue... Hudson can’t afford it, There is no funding available for this... We should let this mess revert to the old mess that had been fixed 50 years ago.

Hudson is a town that is home to a sizeable number of engineers, both active and/or retired. I’m certain that a number of them have, and would, offer their expertise Pro Bono to help fix the dam.

As for financing this situation, I’m sorry but people need to stop looking at this from a personal standpoint.

When City Hall says there is no financing available, I wonder just how much eff ort has been put into finding opportunities.

We have two senators in Ottawa with direct ties to Hudson, Larry Smith and Jacques Demers. Both are from the ruling party in Ottawa - have they been contacted? Hudson voted massively for the Liberal party in the last election - have we tried to tap this resource? Harper and Couillard just agreed to pursue the already existing infrastructure agreement for another five year to the tune of $5 billion. You’re telling me Hudson has no network capable of getting an open ear to listen?

Come on Hudson, you were once a community vibrant with ideas of innovation and resolve; It’s time to show it!

Stéphane Sauvé,

A very biased citizen of Hudson

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