• John Jantak

Pincourt residents ask council for permission to modify and maintain small green space


Pincourt residents living on Rue des Pommetiers have asked council to remove the shrubs and plant grass on a small green space in the middle of a crescent. They are even willing to do the work and maintain what would become a small park themselves without cost to the town.

A small grassy island with two trees and shrubbery in the middle of a turnaround crescent at the end of Rue des Pommetiers in Pincourt has prompted a group of residents to propose a cost-effective way for the town to modify and maintain the green space – for free.

The offer was made by resident Line Maheau at the June 10 council meeting where she presented a petition claiming it was signed the day before by almost every homeowner on the street, and who just about unanimously agreed the shrubs have to go.

During her presentation, Maheau first asked Mayor Yvan Cardinal and town council to consider a request to remove the shrubs and replace it with grass. In case council declines the request, Maheau followed up by asking the town to authorize permission to allow a group of residents to get rid of the shrubs, plant new sod and maintain the green space themselves without any cost to the town.

Maheau said the shrubs have to be removed because it’s a safety concern for parents of the neighbourhood kids who play

on the crescent – the shrubbery obscures them from being visible to motorists.

“Children come to the crescent to ride their bikes and to play on the island,” said Maheau, as she read aloud from a letter that she also presented to Cardinal along with two photographs “The shrubbery reduces their visibility so that drivers cannot see what is happening on the other side of the crescent.”

Removing the shrubs would also help to strengthen community ties and turn the green space into a small park that would become a safe meeting place for children and anyone else in the neighbourhood, said Maheau. She said about 25 children live on Rue des Pommetiers.

“The children should be able to ride their bikes in safety and be able to play together in a safe area,” Maheau said. She also asked council to consider installing a sign at the start of the dead-end street to warn motorists that children play in the area.

Maintaining homeowner security and thwarting crime were two other related security issues that specifically affect the group of homeowners living around the crescent because the shrubs make it difficult to clearly see what’s happening on the other side of side of the street, according to Maheau.

She noted that residents want only the shrubs removed, not the trees which are greatly appreciated. Maheau added that her proposal for citizen involvement to get the job done is a cost saving alternative for the town. Cardinal thanked Maheau for her presentation and said council would study her request.

District 3 Councillor Sam Ierfino lauded Maheau and residents for their initiative and thanked them for taking a proactive approach by trying to solve a problem that affects most residents who live on the street.

“I’m pleased when I see initiatives like this,” District 3 Councillor Sam Ierfino told Your Local Journal. “When citizens are concerned about their security, I’ll support them all the way on that front. Any suggestions they make is fine by me.”

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