Letter to the Editor, May 8, 2014

Dear Editor,

What exactly is Stephen Harper’s strategy for the future of Canada Post? (Your Local Journal, May 1). It’s almost as if he’s been watching too much Kevin O’Leary on Dragon’s Den. Damn the weak, they’re too much of a burden. The free market will weed out the weaklings. Who needs old people and farmers anyway?...or? Wait! Maybe Harper’s motives are benevolent. Maybe by doing away with door to door service, his aim is to create social cohesion. Perhaps he’s hoping concerned citizens will step up to volunteer to deliver senior citizens’ mail. I can see it now; doe-eyed seniors standing at their windows like pet-shop puppies, waiting for someone to help them. Yea! Rainbows and cupcakes, we’re a community again. Thanks, Stephen.

I believe it was Gandhi who said, “A nation’s greatness is measured by how it treats its weakest members.”

With Harper’s decisions of late concerning access to information, environmental censorship, and now the dismantling of Canada Post, that measure is dropping faster and faster. Do we have a Superman to save us?

Martin Roloff

Notre Dame de l’Île Perrot

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