Letters to the Editor, April 24, 2014

Dear Editor,

I am dismayed by the abusive behaviour of Daniel Rodrigue at the April 8 Hudson Council meeting and the sneering, sarcastic comments condoning the harassment of our Director General made by Brian Grubert in the on-line version of the Off -Island Gazette April 16 in which he mocks reports of intimidation of municipal officials.

It seems to me that the few people making the most noise and complaining the loudest have either been part of the previous administrations or had close ties with them. Could it be that a door once open to manipulation has now been firmly closed? Is this the reason for such bad behaviour? We needed a strong, competent DG urgently, and miraculously Catherine Haulard was found. She is not only knowledgeable about Quebec town politics, but she is resourceful, determined and courageous. She is cleaning up OUR mess and for that she deserves all our support.

Let’s cease this unpleasantness and return to respectful discussion. And be grateful to Hudson that we have a team in the Town Hall dedicated to fi nally making things right.

Deborah Barclay


Dear Editor,

Concerning ‘Hudson exploring dam solutions,’ (Your Local Journal, April 17), how about saving a bundle and follow Mother Nature’s route i.e., one female and one male beaver and let them enjoy themselves! The problem would be solved and it would draw tourists.

Olive Diamandopoulos

Notre Dame de l’Île Perrot

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