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Île-Perrot residents stage outdoor protest over proposed condos

By Carmen Marie Fabio


Expressing the feeling that the Town of Île-Perrot is not listening to their concerns in relation to a proposed condominium project near 28th Avenue, area residents staged an outdoor protest in front of the site on March 20.

Roughly 70 people gathered in front of the site of the former Vieux Kitzbühel restaurant in Île-Perrot Sunday, March 21 to protest the proposed ‘Azur’ nine-storey, 170-unit condominium project on the land. The protest follows two public consultations hosted by public relations advisor Pierre Tadros.

“The current zoning for that area is commercial,” said attendee Diego Lythgoe, “not more than two floors and 30 per cent occupation of the land. They want to change it to nine floors which is not just against the zoning plan but the Plan d’Urbanism.”

Lythgoe, a 13-year resident, expressed concerns that were echoed by many in attendance and have already been conveyed to Mayor Pierre Séguin and the elected councillors.

“They’re going to ruin the landscape,” he said. “There are so many requirements in the PMAD (Plan Métropolitain d’aménagement et de Développement) and the MRC (Municipalité régionale de comté) asking to re-naturalize the shores and this project is totally against that.”

Petition submitted to the town

Residents in the surrounding area have submitted a petition with 174 signatures opposing the project. Lythgoe said the protesters felt that after two public consultations, their concerns were not being heard or addressed, and decided to make their opposition more public by staging the outdoor protest.

Claudette Lapierre and Kim Thorne, who both live in the row of townhouses right beside the proposed building, handed out a description of the project and the residents’ concerns to passing motorists at a stop sign.

“I was devastated,” said Lapierre of her reaction to hearing about the condos. “We moved here because it was peaceful, quiet, and calm. If we wanted big buildings like that we would’ve moved to Nun’s Island. My husband is 85 and we like to sit outside on our balcony. It’s like a wall that the city wants to put up.”

“We moved here because we knew the area was zoned for two storeys only,” added Thorne.


Many of the residents’ signs included signs reminding elected officials to respect the current two-storey zoning of the proposed site of the nine-storey condo complex.

City eyes tax revenue

The ‘Azur’ project comes three years after the town allowed the construction of the ‘Luxeo,’ an eight-storey, 185-unit condo complex about half a kilometre away. If it gets the go-ahead, the new project is expected to bring an additional $2 million annually in property tax revenue.

“Where is it going to end if they start putting condos like this everywhere?” said Lapierre.

Following the protest, The Journal received an email from a resident who asked not to be named.

In it, she writes, “We signed a petition requesting the zoning to be respected but the city just comes back with the same promotional speech. We don't pay their salaries to be the developer's advertising agency. We want them to think about our safety, quality of life and long term value of the neighbourhood.

“The second analysis on circulation and traffic admits that Boulevard Perrot is not a safe street for pedestrians and cyclists. We are also talking about the safety of our children who go to school, to the park, and to the pool every day. The life of our children comes before the profits of any developer. The city's values are in the wrong place and it's unacceptable.”

The Ville de l’Île-Perrot is planning another public consultation for April 12. Though the mayor’s office has repeatedly been contacted by The Journal, Mayor Séguin has not agreed to an interview.

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